10 Must Read Shopify Tips & Resources. (Mainly) For Beginners.

There are tons of resources & tips out there to help you make the most of this pretty amazing ecommerce tool that is Shopify. And they are updated on a daily basis. I talked about this before. Maybe you remember this list of tips for ecommerce websites that I put together a few weeks ago. Today I’ll go through some more resources. Small steps in search of more useful online guides and articles to help newbies, as well as the well-versed ecommercers. Check out today’s harvest:

1. Here’s a good place to start: Beginner’s Guide to Shopify. This is a great resource coming from MonetizePros. It goes through important topics like pricing on this platform and how to setup your online store, but it also deals with various features essential for any newbie.

2. Now that you’re familiar with the first steps, it’s about time to take a look at these 7 Things to Check Before Launching Your Shopify Store. It really is just a checklist to help you prepare for the big launch of the store.

3. Shopify itself came up with this step-by-step guide to help you get the right URL for your online store. The guide is called: How to Point a Domain to Shopify Store. How else?

4. For beginners, Google Analytics should be the best tool if you’re looking for good analytics. Don’t over complicate things at this stage, so take a closer look at this Introduction to Google Analytics for Ecommerce. You must be able to measure your store’s performance at all stages, and this rather thorough guide helps you set up the tool and even read those reports.

5. You don’t want to be lost when you see those long lists of plugins, so here you can find 5 Shopify Plugins That Every Ecommerce Store Should Start With. It’s a great list, with plugins that help you get email notifications, post products to social media accounts, and much more. It’s ideal before you dig deeper into those dozens of other plugins.

6. This is a guide for web designers who want to design their own Shopify store: A Web Designers Introduction to Shopify. You’ll find out how Shopify theme development works, including introductions to Liquid, which is Shopify’s template language.

7. Here’s a guide for beginner AND experienced ecommerce’s: The Ultimate Shopify Users SEO Guidebook. You’ll find (almost) everything in there, from the first steps to those advanced tactics. SEO inside out.

8. This is another resource for web designers, and anybody else interested in everything Shopify: official Shopify from scratch tutorial, from how to build a Shopify theme to loops and templates and everything in between.

9. If you think a video course is more your cup of tea, then try this one: Up and Running with Shopify. This online video course from Lynda will walk you through launching, setting up your store, payment gateways, shipping options, and the rest.

10. If you don’t know much about Google Authorship, this guide not only informs you, but it also shows you How to Quickly Add Google Authorship to a Shopify Blog. You’ll see how important this is for SEO. And it only takes a couple of minutes to add it to your blog. Enjoy! Good luck!

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