5 Legit Tips To Give Your Shopify Business A Boost in 2020

Here comes another year with new hope and opportunities. And, oh man what a year it was 2017 for e-commerce industry! But let’s not talk about what we came past but about what’s lying ahead. E-commerce market (actually the whole internet) is evolving very fast and as an ecommerce seller you need to adapt quickly to survive. In this article, we have discussed 5 things you need to focus on

What is Affiliate Marketing? The Myth vs. Reality

There’s a lot of misinformation that surrounds affiliate marketing — so let’s clear it up. Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing program, where an external partner is rewarded a commission for delivering a specific result to a merchant or advertiser. The result is often a valid sale, however it can also be a completed lead form, a new free trial user, or even a new newsletter subscriber. Although the first

10 Must Read Shopify Tips & Resources. (Mainly) For Beginners.

There are tons of resources & tips out there to help you make the most of this pretty amazing ecommerce tool that is Shopify. And they are updated on a daily basis. I talked about this before. Maybe you remember this list of tips for ecommerce websites that I put together a few weeks ago. Today I’ll go through some more resources. Small steps in search of more useful online

$1 Billion Sold

Today is a day of celebration. You just conquered Black Friday Cyber Monday. Whether it’s your first or your 20th BFCM, you’re on the other side of the busiest shopping weekend of the year. Before you dive head first into shipping or restocking displays for the busy holiday sales season, it’s your time to reflect on your accomplishments. As an independent business, you stepped up to make your mark on

A Clear View of App Analytics

The world of commerce is constantly evolving, creating new opportunities to build lucrative businesses based on the tools and services that enable merchant success. With this in mind, every year, we bring together Shopify Partners and Developers from around the globe for two days of talks that educate on the needs of our merchants, and inspire our ecosystem to tackle the complexities of entrepreneurship — with the goal of providing

Pros & Cons of the Shopify Platform

Shopify is one of the greatest platforms ever created for e-commerce. But like anything else, and has its disadvantages and advantages. For most people, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, but to be fair, both sides should be presented so that you can choose whether or not Shopify is right for your e-commerce venture. Let’s start with some of the advantages of Shopify.   Advantages of Shopify   Shopify is

An Overview of the Shopify App Store

Not everyone knows this, but when you sign up for Shopify you actually get access to a huge number of apps that can integrate with your Shopify site and allow you to have more functionality, more flexibility and add some pretty cool features that might just be the difference between a few sales and a whole lot. If you are a Shopify store owner, and you haven’t had the opportunity

Can Your Brick-and-Mortar Store Work Hand-in-Hand with Shopify?

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, and you are thinking about opening an online store using Shopify, you might be wondering just how that would work and whether or not the two are compatible. Rest assured, their business owners all over the world the do exactly that. In fact, because of the economy, business owners are struggling everywhere. Many of them adopt their e-commerce website in the hopes that their

How to Set up Product Variants with Shopify

If you have a Shopify store the sales real-world items one of the things that you may have to deal with is product variants. Luckily, Shopify handles this very well, unlike some of the e-commerce platforms that are out there. This article will demonstrate how you can use Shopify to do product variants but before that, let’s discuss what a product variant actually is. Product variants are the different types